What is Connection?

That’s the big Quest, isn’t it?

I get scattered, following this or that idea, and still manage to find my way back to something that resembles a home base. What is it in the RPGs?  The Tavern?

For me, it’s usually over a cup of coffee and inside the pages of a journal.

And why now?  In plays and some story writing lectures, this is The Third Act.  It’s when Bilbo tells the story of his Adventure.  It’s when the Hero finally figures out what the point of all that dust and debris was endured for.  Not that the story is over yet.  Just that the Pattern is finally emerging.

One of the metaphors is the labyrinth and within that the thread appears, again. Ariadne’s thread guides her out of the path of the Monster inside. She is the Adventurer, the Investigator, the Hero of her own Journey.

I’ve explored a lot of the inner and outer labyrinths of mind and life and have crammed my spaces full of stuff. Clutter some days, tools and materials others. Seven decades worth that call now to be finally sorted and categorized and evaluated.

So the Third Act, the hero’s return, where we see where all this stuff goes. 

pen and ink drawing of outdoor table